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California Quail

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Black-backed Woodpecker Habitat  |  Save Tesla Park


Tundra Swan at the San Luis NWR, Photo: Kitty Stein

ACTION: Express Your Opposition to H.R. 23
H.R. 23 will reverse Congress's commitment to provide water to Central Valley refuges, undermine the Endangered Species Act, and cancel the restoration of the San Joaquin River. Certain legislators are using the drought as an excuse to wipe out common sense environmental protections that they have always opposed, and that a majority of Californians has supported for decades.
Either contact your Representative directly (see MDAS guide), or get more details and a sample letter on the California Audubon website.

Tricolored Blackbird Survey Coming Soon


ACTION: Participate In the 2017 Statewide Survey
California Audubon, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are implementing the 2017 Tricolored Blackbird Statewide Survey. During the survey, volunteers blanket the state to visit known, historic breeding colony locations. The survey is scheduled for April 7-9 with April 21-23 as a backup.
If you have time consider volunteering for this important conservation action and even being our county's organizer.
To volunteer, contact Ariana Rickard at her California Audubon office. For more information see the UC Davis Survey Project page and California Audubon's description of the conservation issues.


ACTION: Thank Governor Brown for his Budgetary Support
The largest commitment of state funds to date for Salton Sea habitat creation and dust pollution control has been added to the California budget by Governor Brown. As was explained to our October meeting by Audubon California Director of Bird Conservation Andrea Jones, the situation is critical, with water mitigation offsets ending soon.
Thank Governor Brown for his decision and encourage him to follow through on it at the California Audubon Action Center, to send their sample letter, or edit it with your own words for even greater impact.

Photo: Andrea Jones


ACTION: Oppose Expanded Rim Fire 'Salvage Logging' in the Stanislaus National Forest
The "snag forest habitat" created when mature forest burns at high intensity is extremely important for native biodiversity and should be preserved, not logged. These areas are currently home to rare and imperiled species such as Black-backed Woodpeckers (pictured below) and California Spotted Owls, as well as White-headed and Hairy Woodpeckers, Western Bluebirds, Mountain Bluebirds, Wrens, Warblers and Flycatchers, to name a few. All of whom will be evicted if additional logging is approved. Please visit the John Muir Project website for action guidelines before the mid-August decision.

Black-backed woodpecker
Image by Craig Swolgaard, courtesy John Muir Project


ACTION: Save Tesla Park From Becoming an Off-Highway Vehicle Wasteland
Tesla is a fragile, biologically diverse ecosystem southeast of Livermore that is home to 7 threatened and endangered species and habitats, and more than 50 rare ones, including mammals, rodents, birds, amphibians, plants and wildflowers, but is presently scheduled to be added to Carnegie SVRA. Tesla is part of an Audubon Important Bird Area, and includes a Critical Linkage Wildlife/Habitat Corridor; Golden Eagles nest and forage within its boundaries. Please use the sample letters and email addresses provided by, or edit with your own words for even greater impact.

Idyllic TeslaTesla Dead Bird Trail

Images courtesy Save Tesla Park

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