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California Quail

W e l c o m e :

Mount Diablo Audubon Society is committed to the sustainable balance of our community's people, birds, other wildlife, and habitat through conservation, education, and advocacy. Everyone is welcome to attend our educational programs. Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, March 3rd at Heather Farm in Walnut Creek.

TAKE ACTION: California Audubon urges Coastal Commission support before 2/10 Meeting
(From time-to-time, Actions recommended or taken by our Conservation Committee will be featured here, with links to documents or suggestions for member participation)
The California Coastal Commission is under attack by developers who want to oust key staff. See the California Audubon Urgent Alert and send your message of support for protection of crucial bird habitat.

Monthly Educational Programs:
Our monthly educational programs include guest speakers, unusual bird sightings, refreshments, and conversation. Visitors are always welcomed! If you'd like to receive our educational meeting notices, provide your email address and click "Notify Me".

Mount Diablo Audubon Society joins Meetup, Facebook and Twitter
The Meetup Group provides information about our field trips, educational programs, and volunteer activities. After you sign up with Meetup, you will automatically receive announcements about our upcoming events. Sign up now - it's free!

The Facebook Page posts event details and allow our members to share photos, action alerts, and host discussions about conservation and birding issues. Thanks for helping us reach our first milestone of 100 likes!

Our Twitter feed summarizes new Facebook posts, for when you're on the go. Follow us to stay in touch.

Young Birders Club:
Mt. Diablo Audubon Society sponsors the Mt Diablo Audubon Young Birders Club dedicated to all things birding, by and for young people. Young People and Parents are welcome. Contact Tracy Farrington at 925-788-6223, or at for more information.

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National Audubon
The Mount Diablo Audubon Society is a Chapter of National Audubon Society, Inc.

M D A S   U p d a t e s :

March Quail Available Online

March Program - Renewable Energy and Birds - Garry George

MDAS co-sponsors 2/27 Walk and Talk with Assembly Member Baker

Safeguarding Native Birds is Imperative - MDAS Letter to the Editor

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California Audubon announces win on Altamont wind farms

California Audubon is working to protect Panoche Valley

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Protect the Snowy Plover

Snowy Plover

The Western Snowy Plover is a threatened small shorebird, approximately the size of a sparrow. During the breeding season, plovers can be seen nesting along the shores, peninsulas, offshore islands, bays, estuaries, and rivers of the United States' Pacific Coast from Oregon to California.

Poor reproductive success, resulting from human disturbance, predation, and inclement weather, combined with permanent or long-term loss of nesting habitat to encroachment of non-native European beachgrass and urban development has led to a decline in active nesting, as well as an overall decline in breeding and wintering population of the snowy plover along the Pacific coast.

The California Audubon website provices a comprehensive resource for information, education and community involvement. If you live near the coast, please checkout volunteer opportunities to support this endangered shorebird.

Fall is Here - Order Your Breeding Bird Atlas Now!

The Breeding Bird Atlas of Contra Costa County by Steven Glover is now available for purchase.  For each of the 161 species of the birds that breed in Contra Costa County, the book includes current and historical status, life history information, conservation  concerns, and range maps.  The book also contains 56 beautiful drawings by Dana Gardner.   This is a terrific book and a must have for birders.

Price: $15.00 (plus $3.31 postage) - Click Here to Order

Breeding Bird Atlas

East Bay Birds Sightings Yahoo Group:

Do you want to share your bird sightings with other Contra Costa and Alameda County birders? Would you like to know where birds are currently located?

You can now do both by joining the MDAS East Bay Birds Yahoo Group for bird watchers in Contra Costa County, Alameda County and the San Francisco Bay area. The group name is "EBB Sightings".

If you don't have a yahoo account, you will need to sign up for one. It is free and easy. Go to and click on Sign Up" at the top of the page.

Birding Trips - Raptor
Bird Sightings Bird Sightings Bird Sightings Bird Sightings

If you have never joined a Yahoo Group, follow these instructions: Once you are logged into your Yahoo account, from the Yahoo home page click on the Groups link or go to Yahoo Groups. You will get a search page, enter EBB Sightings as your search and hit return. On the EBB Sightings page, click on "join this group" or the group icon and follow the prompts to enter your information. You do not need to use the yahoo email address unless you want to. To use a non-yahoo address, enter that address at "other address" and then select that address as your primary email address. Your posts will be sent from this address and posts from other members will be sent to this address. Watch your spam folder for messages initially because you may need to add or update your spam filter.

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Raptors Are the Solution Newsletter

RATS Tale Newsletter Logo

RATS (Raptors Are The Solution) is a group of concerned citizens, agencies, and environmental groups working to educate the public about the danger to wildlife and ecosystems from using rodenticides. MDAS is recognized as a supporting group on the RATS website.

To view the current edition of RATS Tales (their bi-monthly newsletter) and/or sign up to receive future editions by email, click here.

Learn more about how you can help support this very important effort and download MDAS's conservation flyer brochure on our Conservation page.

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